This is a trick I named after my sister.Start with a Yuuki Slack double or nothing.Do Black Hops to a Trapeze, now go into Man and his Brother,next go like in McBride’s Roller Coaster to a 1.5 Mount, roll over and flip the yo-yo on to the front string.Dismount that, do Hidemasa Hook, a Grid Transfer from palm to arm, bind and catch. ;D

i think this is a combo not a trick

Yeah. Combos are parts of tricks put together if I am not wrong. Tricks are usually newly made stuff. While it may have parts of several tricks, its not really tricks put together.

I wouldnt say tricks are only new stuff.

There are many tricks that involve certain other tricks.

Good trick or combo Bigred!
Awesome that you named it after your sister.

Keep it up!


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good you named it after your sister tricks not only new things it takes practice to maintain them so keep it up!!!

yeah its sounds really nice. And who cares if it is really just a combo, it is something that you put together, and named a real cool name, even if it wasn’t your sisters name it would still be a real good name.
tickle it

it is ok if it is a combo or a trick it is still supposed to work keep it up

it might help

We weren’t saying it wouldnt work - We were stating the differences.

Are you guys saying it is good or bad?

I thought it was great.
(tickle it)

I liked it! It looks very nice if smooth!