Collection clearing - A-RT, CLYW, One Drop, Sengoku, and much more*pricedrops

Hi there,

I currently have amassed a collection that is way too big , and I pretty much never play these . Please add 5 $ for shipping , I am asking for friends and family payment talk to me if you prefer goods and services and we can work something out , I do have a good track record here, and would be happy to provide you with people that know me personally on this forum.

No trades

CONUS only

Sengoku - Shinobi - $80 OBO , some minor marks on brass rims from handling , otherwise NMTBS

Thesis - Omniscient - $80 OBO, I think there is a very small pin prick somewhere I will need to look for it.

Core Co qubit - $ 30 NMTBS

G2 GBP - $70

G2/A-RT Life - $250 Gotham Colorway- NMTBS - Firm on the price

A-rt- 420 L - $100 - NMTBS *sold

A-rt Grail - $165 NMTBS *sold

A-rt Grail b7 - $165 NMTBS *sold

Yoyo Palace Journey - $80 - NMTBS

CLYW Ditch - pretty much new , really didnt mesh with this one only played about 30 mins with it , - $40*sold

Atmos Project Goji - Minor pin prick damages - $65

Dressel Designs Kanto - $60 small pin prick other wise nmtbs

Speedaholic Max - $70 NMTBS

One Drop Aitch - NQP Anno Flaw , $50

Fallen Angel - forgot the name - $50 bimetal undersized organic *sold

One drop Free Solo NQP anno flaw-$45

Doc Pop Bolt 2 - $45 - It seems to be near mint but hard to tell with plastic sometimes no obvious markings

Rectic Return Tops ASP - $50 - B grade not sure where NMTBS


One Drop Kraken - I cant remember if this was NQP - $45 NMTBS

One drop Format C - Half Swap Blue and Green - $80 NMTBS *sold

Base Camp Expedition - $30 NMTBS ’

I am pretty flexible for the most part , but I do have a few I would rather keep than sell for too cheap.

I provide photos/videos for those that are interested . I dont ship anything until I have shown every inch of the yoyo .

I will definitely regret selling alot of these , but my collection is out of control .

Hit me up with any questions , but please do not waste my time ultimately if you are not interested .

Thank you ,


a few price drops on the bi metals.


Bump more price drops . Taking goods and services now

booop bump

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Grail and b7 are too cheap this is theft😢

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I’m gonna regret it at some point I always do.


bump buy some yoyos !