Colin Question- next five years?


Where do you (personally) want to see in our community in the next 5 years (both competitive and casual standpoints) and what individual efforts will you take to get there?


I’d like to see…

More people being interested in X divisions.
More people being interested in judging as well as being compensated by doing so.

Less drama.
Everyone to be friends & no stigma/ego issues (tough one).

As far as the first two competitive ones are concerned, I’d like to popularize 3A by hopefully doing tutorials one day. I think that my story of starting 3A up again in summer 2017 and getting 2nd at Nationals a year later also show how it really is worthwhile doing and the return of investment happens much quicker than 1A. Judging wise, I judge almost every opportunity I can (even though I compete in 1A I usually judge 1/3 of the contests I go to or so). Also, to help people, I’ve been doing analysis videos with me scoring routines… like this one of Evan for example -

For the other 2 about the community, I can’t really control how others act. However, I think that us Scales guys have been trying to connect the “pros” to the younger/newer players on a closer level through establishing relationships talking to players on our live stream, or in our Scales Discord which you can join - We all started in the same position in yoyo… there’s not really a reason not to talk to newer players. They’re all awesome.