Cody Wright V.S. Paolo: Yoyo Battle!

Me and Paolo did a Yoyo Video Battle. He hasn’t made his Video yet, But I have! :smiley:
Here is My Video:

Tell me what you think.  :wink:
I love to know what People Think.  :wink:

I dig! Can’t wait to see Paolo’s

wow awesome video.

I know right?

yay Cody!!!

Dude, that’s sick! Well done video, and sweet skills!

that was so smooth

wow your video was on the yoyofactory news on their website cody.

cool but what song ??

Hey guys, sorry for the late update. I thought cody would post this in this thread. I just found out that my camera’s video files won’t work with my editing software. Sorry, I won’t be able to make a video.

Also, Cody, your video was awesome.