Cody Wright VS. Joseph Day YOYO BATTLE

Cody Wright:

Joseph Day:

Joseph Day challeneged me to a Friendly YoYo Battle, So here is my Video. You can watch both videos and Vote. At the end of the Week (Next Monday) We will count up all the Votes and see who won. :smiley:
YoYos Used: YYF ProtoStar and 09 G5
-Cody Wright

Cody wright :slight_smile:

Thanks! Glad you liked the Video!
So far its 14 to 2. :wink:

Joseph re-edited his video to make it better. :wink:

you guys are awesome, had to vote for cody

So far its 4-24. :wink:

Cody had better tricks. Plus it helps that I could actually see what he was doing.

So far its 4-29.
Only 3 Days to Vite for your Favorite Video if you havnt already. :wink:

So far its 5-34.
2 More Days. :wink:

i vote cody nice job

have to vote cody
solid camera work

Would have been a much closer battle if I could have seen what Joseph was doing.

yes i could not even see what joseph was doing and you should have used maybe a yoyo a bit more stable and faster than the POPstar.(i know its pretty good tho i like it more than 70 dollar lunatic)

i liked cody’s.
just needa a little smoothening(:

Voting Locked
The results were 9-44.

Thanks for all who Voted!
Oh and to answer some things:

Joseph used a PopStar because its currently the only yoyo he has. He sold the rest of his throws.
And Thanks Leo! Im usually a lot more smooth off camera, but I will work on it. I got some Awesome new slacks and stuff planned for Upcoming Videos. :wink:

they both did good but cody did better

Cool! we should battle sometime d:

If you want man. You got any videos on youtube? :wink:

How a bout a 30-60 sec FS?
The video on my youtube is innacurate compared to my skillets.