Codinghorror feedback


You know there’s only positive things to say about this gentleman!

Trade stats from the old forum are back!

Wanted to add another positive. Got my Elite today… shipped fast and arrived just as described.


Omg! @codinghorror is AWESOME and I TOTALY agree when u said there are only nice things to say about him. :slight_smile:

(Rock Shouse) #4

Jeff has been nothing if not honest to a fault! One of the best persons to deal with here on the forum! He paid promptly and with out hesitation! Top Dawg!


I just got my marvel, puffin and flash from @codinghorror, he threw in some string and some stickers as well. Everything was in as good or better condition than he stated, and he shipped FAST! I agree 100% with everything said above.


I also wanted to give positive feedback to Jeff @codinghorror for a purchase he made from me last month. Great guy to deal with

(Thomas Bellotti) #7

Can confirm @codinghorror is legit.

Sent him a PM and 0 dollars, and he promptly mailed me a brand new Iceberg and some boutique string.

11/10-would do “business” again…and again and again :smiley:


received yoyo of codinghorror just as he told me;)

all well packed, shipped fast and without any problem.

without a doubt a pleasure to make deals with him, I recommend it.

thank you very much friend, you have made me very happy;)

Greetings and hugs for you!


Whoa, that arrived to you in Europe already? Wow. Enjoy! :wink:

(Tyler) #10

Bought a pair of loopers from codinghorror, items arrived quickly and as advertised. Great seller!

(Martin hernandez) #11

I also received my pocket rocket in great shape . Thank you for the quick turn around.

(Jolien Tomme) #12

CodingHorror made me very happy,
He Send me a yo-yo , and leave me in awe!
A beautiful yo-yo made it to my house today. A bi-metal, blue Riot :grin:
Never thought it would be THAT fast. and , if bought myself… well, it would be impossible … I never can afford it.
Thank you CodingHorror , for the beautiful gift!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ps: the yo-yo string is amazing too! I can play a Very long time now!


Borealis came as described in a reasonable amount of time. Super happy with the deal. 10/10 would do business again