Code 2

I was one of the lucky few to get one for myself. They still wont be released for a while as far as i know but… This thing is amazing, i thought ya’ll should know what’s coming!
Thanks Shawn and David for being awesome, and thanks Jrod for an amazing design!!
I know i’m not that good but i know an amazing yoyo when i see one!

Pretty sick I’d love to get one. c=

Daniel Dietz has been bringing his with him to the office and it really did come out great!

Yes, quite an elegant design. I think it’s better than the code 1, and that’s a pretty bold statement. I can’t wait for a YYE splash edition one! Haha!

They are definitely coming!

ideas of when, I might wanna save my cash for this

At least 2 months.

so far awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Ahhh, so long away. I really want one, or at least to try them. :frowning: