Co-Lab or Ape-X?

I already have a Triton.
Which do you guys like more?

I love em both
I like the ape x its lighter then the co lab
Yu should try one or unless yu can go with both :wink:
I really like em
im getting another co lab and Ape x

I personally like the ape-x more than the co-lab due to the overall shape being more comfy in the hand

If I were u, I would go with the co-lab for sure.

I don’t have an APE-X but I do have a Co-Lab. I really like the Co-Lab as a chilling out kind of throw.
its 125$ on YYE right now and the APE-X is only 102$.

It depends on your budget really. If you have the cash go with the Co-Lab, its a really fun and unique throw.