CLYWxOnedrop part dos.... So excited

won’t we all be surprised when we find out the colab is something non-yoyo related…
“now introducing, clywxonedrop futuristic toilet paper leaves!”

“just”? Heheh, that would be awesome, too.

Code 2… now with double rims. We’ll call it the “Code Caribou”.

I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

Chief with side effects and some type of grooved like one the code 1 & 2 would be dope. I don’t think they should go with cascade. Not into the cascade tho that’s just me

I love that as soon as a company announces anything now, they’re “firing up the hype machine”.

Or is it just expensive items? Did Duncan “fire up the hype machine” on the Yo-tility Holster, or did they just announce a product?

I forget how this works. I’m old. :wink:

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Since they have announced a product without any specs or pictures, what would be the reason for it other than hype? They have nothing to sell at the moment. I’m not knocking them because it does work, that’s for sure.

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Id buy it, if it doesnt go over $120.

I am very excited for this and hope to see SE’s (I think we know that will happen) Although a SE equipt CLYW of pretty much any of their models would be sweet I think it will either be an original design that one or both OD or CLYW have been working on OR something they have just created…

I found a picture pretty easily. One Drop x CLYW Collaboration – The Summit *UPDATED WITH PICS*

I guess it’s a terminology thing. What some people disdainfully refer to as “hype” I just call “two small businesses trying to make sure their products sell”. :wink:


looks like a Avalanche/Cascade/Yelets. Seems like the only CLYW thing in there is the little line that the Avalanche has in the catch zone, and the snow tire response. I think everyone would have been much happier with a CLYW throw with side effects. I don’t see me getting this.

Arctic Cascade?

To me all it looks like is a Cascade and an Avalanche. Like they are showing one of each companies yoyos for people to see… I do not think that the picture is the actual “colab”

Maybe its a cross between a Cascade and an Avalanche though? That would be interesting for sure…

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If the picture is from CLYW or One Drop themselves, Steve and mgiroux’s observation that it’ll be some sort of mashup between Avalanche and Cascade is the clear conclusion. If that turns out to be the case, it’s a little less exciting for my PERSONAL tastes than a Chief meets a Code 2, but that’s OK.

Also agree that the negative implication for the word “hype” is unfounded. It’s called marketing. All companies should be doing this if their marketing team is worth anything. On the other hand, I think there’s a positive spin to the word “hype”, too… and I for one enjoy watching the hype machine in motion. :wink: It starts small, in threads like this… and then ideally snowballs from there!

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Not clear on what is being “announced”. If there is already an actual product or prototype - why not show it with the announcement? Since they did not, the only assumption I can make is that they are “announcing” an intention to collaborate on …something.

I am not criticizing them for it; but it is hype.

Yes, it is! Companies announcing an intention to work together is very common practice, so I’m cool with that. It implies that there has been a business arrangement made, probably some initial design discussion ('coz that’s what fires the engines of the respective owners!). That’s enough to warrant getting the hype started.

Neither One Drop nor CLYW is in the habit of announcing the “intention” to do something without that thing already being mostly done, so the idea that they would make a big and bold announcement with zero substance is kind of insulting to both companies, IMO.

Chris works fast, design-wise, and the One Drop folks seems to move quick from a production standpoint so what I think is most likely is that Chris came down for PNWR, stopped by the factory, whipped up something awesome from files of one of his yoyos and one of theirs, they all said “YEAH!” ran a couple of protos, and decided to make it happen.

I can absolutely see that happening in a matter of a couple of days with these guys. Yes, that’s totally speculation on my part.

(I’m pretty sure I sound like a total jerk with this post. Not my intention at all, but hey…internets, right?)

In any event, I’m pretty sure the end result will be pretty darn awesome. CLYW is gold, as far as I’m concerned. I have absolute faith in Chris.


My speculation is pretty good…update from Chris!

CascadeXAvalanche… yep savin’ my money now

If they use the name “Snowslide”, they owe me $5. “Landslide” is only $2. :wink:

Oh snap!!! Two of my fav yoyos from each company!!! This should be Epic!!! Now I am really excited!!!

I don’t see a problem with it, and I’m definitely glad OneDrop and CLYW are around, but I feel like a lot of people see OneDrop or CLYW and just dive in. It’s important to explore the yoyos that are available. Otherwise you’ll never know what other companies and throws you’re missing out on.

If this was a collab between a lesser known company and OneDrop, it would receive little to no forum press. Just my .02 anyway. :wink: Just disregard this, I’m having a bad day. :-X