CLYWs Ogopogo BvM & YYN Raiders! FS

I used to be a longtime member of the YoyoNation community and am sad to see them gone.  I have still been throwing on and off for the last few years and need to sell some of the amazing yo-yos in my collection that just don’t get any love.  All of these play extremely well and DO have love dings or dents on them.  Please help give these throws a new home.  Feel free to ask any questions.  Also, I accept Paypal, check (would need to cash before mailing yoyo).  Will ship same day of payment!  Also, I will cover shipping!

Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works Ogopogo Bear vs. Man (green & Blue) I forget the name this color way originally had.  Minor dings, plays solid and smooth. Make Offer

Limited Edition YoyoNation/Yomega Raiders (set). (both red & blue caps) These are hard to let go and you know why but I gotta do it because I just like to play my loop 720’s more.  Good condition, and not many marks on them, just some scuffs.  I think these are better than normal Raiders because of something with the gap but I forget what.  They loops great!  $25 for set

Also more pics can be seen on my photo bucket page here:

You may also txt me at: 440-994-9991

Sold some, more to go!

Bump with updates!

Ill buy the BvM for $1.

Lol jk but what is the area you are looking for price wise for it?

Still have this wonderful BvM available!