Clyw1 and my attempt at a company

So, we are trying to start our own string company. I am working on more pics, but here’s one featuring the logo and One of the concept sketches. These would be on the bags, kind of like a cereal prize (I dunno, lol) We are planning on “warrior” themed colors, hence the name “Warrior Strings”. I wanted to do some more, so here is the first. I wanted it to be a WW1/2 style color, based on the uniform of that time. So it would be a white and army green combo twist. Here’s the pic: The Hardened War Hero.

I want to do another of a western outlaw, a Dragoon (Like Kain, from Final Fantasy 4), and others. Let me know what y’all think!

It will be colored later. Sorry about that.
001 by offstring-stewart, on Flickr

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not that i have any experience starting a yoyo/string company, but if your are legitimately interested in becoming a known name in the community, i would probably advise that one of the 2 founding members not go by the handle of an already established company…

just my opinion.

everything else sounds cool.

wish you guys the best of luck.

Thanks Higgs, also, Bumping hoping to get more opinions.