what are the clyw yo-yos made of? aluminum?

6061 grade Aluminum alloy

Yeti is made of some kind of glass filled plastic.

Other then that for metal it is 6061.

Those special edition summits are made of 7075. Those mountain ones. Lol

There are also some 7075 Chiefs.

And we have some small batches of 7075 Arctic Circle 2s and Bonfires coming along soonish.

LOL soonish.

I’ve been hearing that for yeti like year.

True. But we have the parts being assembled now and we don’t have problems with our metal return tops, just he plastic ones. So you can be as salty as you want, they’ll still be out soon. :slight_smile:

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Yeah cool thanks.

Humor sake that joke. The one I posted you know yeti one lol.

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No of course there not made out of aluminum silly! They’re obviously made out unicorn tears, pixie dust, and sunshine! Can’t you tell by how those yoyos shine?


Moose. Moose and poutine.

Wut? are you crazy? There made from Canadian Maple syrup

It was an honest question no need for sarcasm.

Nobody is trying to be mean its kinda a running joke that they make yoyos using Canadian stereotypes

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Hey, hoser, I tawt it was Molson, EHHH!!!

It’s weird how CLYW put their product in a brown box, but whenever I receive my order they are magically inside of a flannel shirt.

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they come in a timmys box

Yeah you have already got your answer so let people make humour.

i know i got mine but no need for the humor afterwords

You don’t like humor?

just a little fun ;D