clyw yeti review

Well here it goes… The long anticipated yoyo review of the clyw yeti. I know there are alot of speculation over if the yeti is better than the rally and the answer is simply that a yoyo is only as good as you make it to be. The yeti is the newest clyw throw and is a full plastic without any special metal rims thanks to a new material. Here are the specs… Made in Canada
Material: Glass Fibre Filled PPE Based Plastic
Diameter: 2.313" / 58.75mm
Width: 1.785" / 45.3mm
Weight: 69.4g
Bearing Seat: YoYoFactory Spacers
Bearing: Size C - CTX 10 Ball by Central Bearing Company
Response: White Snow Tires

Honestly this yoyo plays great for what it is and that is an all plastic yoyo with no metal rims. Unfortunately I just can’t recommend this yoyo.the string breaks and rough feel AND the yyf deathgrip spacers make this yoyo seem unfinished.

this should help your maintenance problems.

About the review, you should pay more attention to better grammer, uppercasing, spacing, etc…

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Where is the review?

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I agree with everything he said, but also the spacers aren’t all that terrible, my 2 yetis aren’t affected by this at all. Also, the material it’s really rough, if that’s what you mean; it’s very unique and I feel is a good thing, considering what CLYW was trying to do.

Thanks for the review.

I think it’s important to consider some maintenance skills when it comes to yoyos but if you find it overly difficult or feel that the product is a hassle, I think it’s fair not to recommend to other people.

If you’re truly concerned about these things, you should probably spell it “grammar”, since… well… that’s how it’s spelled.

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I agree. You really can’t tell somebody they have bad grammar if you can’t even spell grammar correctly.