clyw tusks!!!!!!!!!

i wanted to see if anybody was interested in selling tusks that fit clyw yoyos



Searched and found this

So theyre hubstacks? Do they even have bearings or are they more like riceroket spike stacks? Ahh watever. I find almost all CLYW yoyos to be disgustingly ugly anyways…

What exactly are you trying to add to the conversation with that last remark?

I find most of them to be ugly too, but yet, I overcame this and now have 7 CLYW throws. Actually, they look better in your hand or in person. My Gnarwal is really ugly with different color halves, but it plays great. My 2nd Run Peak is polished and looks great.

This isn’t something I thing I’d want to get though. It does look pretty sick!

Yeah, but it seems like its really just hubstacks. I have like 25 yyf yoyos and most have stacks. Hubstacks are cool and all, but when youre so used to them its almost like they become annoying.

they’re essentially matador spikes (bearingless hubstacks, if you will…) for a clyw yoyo.
they’re made by chris rice, I do believe.

and on that note: how are clyw return tops ugly? do you mean the shapes they use, or the colourways?
because they’ve had some plain colourways, and a lot of splashes. there’s bound to be one that you like. if not, satin it. they’re too good to not get because they’re “ugly”.

I find most of the color splashes and acid washes to be ugly. Therrs no design that realy stands out In terms of shape. The shapes all look fairly similar, and they are average size(except the campfire) and just about average weight.

“Tusks” are basically matador spikes. Most of them were machined by Chris Rice or Ricerocket on the forums.

dose anyone know how to contact chris because i really want them

He might not be modding anymore. His website isn’t active anymore.

oh dang dose he have like a phone number or anything to contact him… i wander if brett can do it

I think they’re like matador spikes in a way,but they kind of look painful if you have soft hands.

Wow guys, search things.

SPACKS. Are made by Chris rice, there are bearing-less matador spikes for certain CLYW’S. SPACKS, and NOT tusks. Do you guys really believe everything that is posted?

What he is referring to are these antlers the went around the post. These were made in 09 I believe, and were just for looks, not play.