CLYW Snow Tires Colors

Does color matter for snow tires? I thought my expedition had summer tires installed stock, but then I saw pink standard response snow tires. My compass has purple, yeti has green, everything else I have has white or blue.
Do the colors mean anything or do all CLYW throws come with standard response snow tires? The Expedition is grabby but otherwise I really enjoy throwing it, want to make it play better if I can.

These are a lower response, some folks think the 21mm Snow Tires are too responsive. RSO Landing Pads also have a different Snow Tire and A-RT Dad Pads are basically orange Snow Tires.


Pretty much what I’m asking, Does the expedition, which has pink clyw pads out of the box new, have snow tires or summer tires?

It has a pretty narrow gap compared to other clyw’s I have, and I don’t want to replace fairly unworn pads with the same thing if they do have summer tires out of the box.

The Summer Tires are newer, I want to say they came out in 2019 and the Expedition is an older Basecamp model so I would assume it has regular Snow Tires. YYE has pink pads available in both.

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The summer tires are pink semi transparent

The snow tires are pink opaque

Easiest way to tell them apart!