clyw shirt designs

Some clyw shirt ideas I made I was bored.
tell me what you think! :slight_smile:
Chief shirt


Summit shirt


I think the Chief head, alone, would look good on a black New Era fitted.

It would look like a Blackhawks shirt. lol. No offense to the OPs drawings or Blackhawk fans! :wink:

But the yoyoing world would know differently. :slight_smile:

This is true. :slight_smile:


Dang! Did you use a stencil? Cool ideas! :slight_smile:

I wish there were more New Era fitted hats for yo-yo stuff. They look better than other hats, but I hear it is more difficult to know what to stock because of the fitted hat sizes. Snapbacks and such are more versatile that way. There should be a Summit shirt similar to what he has done. I think it would sell really well.

The art looks nice. Will you be adding color, or keeping it as is? Have you drawn any more? Maybe you should show them to CLYW. I think they would like to see your drawings. If you know someone with a phone and capabilities, maybe they can put them on instagram or Facebook for you. CLYW likes my photos sometimes on Instagram. If I made yo-yos and someone took the time to draw pics, I’d like to see them.

They look cool. Nice job.

Thanks, I will be adding color soon, trying to make a stencil so I can make a sharpie shirt. Iwill be posting it on instagram soon after I get a internet connection.

You’re on the internet now?

My phone needs a wifi connection I’m using this flash drive thingy to connect to yye atm