clyw puffin 2

how good of a yoyo is it?

Real good

I just got one seems nice, but I have a question about it too. When I got my puffin 2 it was quite responsive, I’ve played with it for a good amount of time and it’s still very responsive. never received any clyw that was responsive. Is this due to clyw switching back to ct bearings? and how long should it take to break in?

Let it break in. They said that they put a drop of thin lube in every bearing before it goes out.

Mine was too. I did end up lubing the bearing because it didn’t seem to get any better, now its pretty good. But honestly, I like it but it doesnt fit my play style i don’t think.

what run is the delirium drive puffin two? and how much would you pay for it?

What’s the difference between the puffin 1 and 2?

Gap shape and no double rings in the 2nd. More competition ready.

lwell I know it’s shaped differently but what makes it comp ready comparatively?

Lower walls, more rim weight = more stability and longer spin time.