Clyw hulk smash/28 stories edition yoyo or General yo ministar?

where can i buy either of these yoyos?

Hulk Smash or 28 Stories anything will have to be bought through bst if anyone is willing to part with them. And I’ll warn you, if you want 28 Stories anything you better be willing to lose a hefty chunk of change. I’m not sure about the Ministar.

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Ministar was sold on Ernie’s house at the meeting or there was small run sold at yyn on Ernie’s birthday. It was sold for 90dollar and I think there will be more soon.

28 story edition clyw yoyos are sold out long time ago and I don’t think there will be more of those edition. You can get them at B/S/T thread for 250 dollar-ish.

Hulk Smash Clyw is not rare but from what I know it won’t be made anymore. They are the same yoyo, just dif color. Hulk smash can be around 70~10 dollar depending on yoyo.

28 stories and Hulk Smash edition Peak is discontinued, so really the only way you are going to get one is to trade with someone if they have it. Ernie sold a few Pre-Production Mini-Stars at a meeting and Yoyonation had 20 Pre-productions in stock. Ernie is still designing the Mini-Star for Production. They will be here at Yoyoexpert in three to two weeks.