CLYW release schedule?

Does anybody know how often CLYW re-releases their “return-tops”? I’m interested in getting a gnarwhal. I assume that it is one of their flagship yo-yo’s and that it will be re-released at some point (soon?). About how often do they do releases?

They release at random times. They ship to their sellers (such as YYE), and that store puts them for sale when they are ready. As for actual dates from CLYW itself, those are extremely rare.

I know that some new ones are coming “sometime.” On the CLYW blog not too long ago he posted a pic of the “new Gnarwhals he’s working on” with colorways including 28 stories, hulk smash (splash, not speckle), aurora borealis, team edition speckle, and some kind of grey with a reddish splash here. I understand he’s got end of the semester school work that he’s wrapped up in right now, so hang tight. Believe me I’m right there with you on this one.

Yeah, I’m lurking in the shadows waiting for the rob smash gnarwhal. Impish I could get my hands on a raw one for a “red hulk” smash ano.