Clyw, Hspin, YYF-- Going CHEAP


Hi. I have feedback on YYN if you need to see it.

Looking for a Y factor. Any condition any color. And other things. Like money Ok

Worlds Ed. Icon- Blue/white. Super smooth and super mint. What more is there to say? Pics soon. 43 shipped

Small Bearing Black Bass- Scuff galore. One or two diny digs. One or two million scuffs. ;D 45 shipped.

Silver Project- Beat to death. It plays very well, but once again, it is scuffed, dinged, and sanded all around the rims 33 shipped. Gone

Glownasty- One mystery black mark and some nice colorful 5A marks around it. It’s pretty! 20 shipped.

Purple/green Popstar- “Barny” edition 1 of 1. Just kidding. Just mixed halves. This is mint. 27 shipped. Gone

Thanks for looking! Get at me with some offers








I got that project before the thread was even posted here 8)


the project looks like u threw it against a wall… a lot…


Cool. Don’t unnecessarily post on my thread.



Nothing wrong with a free BUMP!

Sorry for unnecessarily posting on your thread.


LOL Dude! When you Called the PopStar the “Barney Edition” I Cracked Up Lauphing! XD

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