FS: YYF Pulsar Superstar, Black/Gold Prague POPSTAR, Severe, Gravitzky, Fiesta


Yoyofactory Pulsar Collection Superstar - It’s in like new condition, includes the box. I barely played with it. I just didn’t like how it felt. Same condition it arrived in! ($70 USD) SOLD

YYF Prague Popstar - Black/Gold. No marks. It’s a Popstar. Please offer.

YYF Delrin Severe - Beat rims, but plays wonderfully. You know what to expect! ($15 USD) SOLD

YYF Gravitzky Protostar - Two marks on the rims, plays smooth. ($24 USD)

Yoyojam YYJ Fiesta - Literally brand new. I never played with it at all! ($18 USD)

All prices include shipping within the cont. US. I’ll provide tracking once the payment is clear. Anything without a price - Hey dude, make an offer!

All items adult owned and taken care of.

Lots of free strings with every order! ;D

All prices negotiable. Please make offers! Cash is king, I don’t really care to trade.

Looking for:
One Drop Dang (No dings/beat rims. Pinpricks okay.)
One Drop Cascades (No dings/beat rims. Pinpricks okay.)
YYF tooHOT (Purple Only)

I do not trade, or trade for, beat metals.

My mentality is that if you ding it bad enough, it’s become part of you! It seems disrespectful to let it go, it’s almost as if you’re selling a child! Oh noooooo! Imagine the psychological scars.

One or two pinprinks are totally fine, though. Small scuffs. I’m okay with all that. Don’t be afraid to offer, but provide pictures. If you don’t have pictures I will not respond.



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Do buyers have to pay for shipping?

Shipping is included for the continental US.


Wake Up, San Francisco was the fictional news show from the 90’s sitcom series Full House.


The full-size dinosaur costumes came in two parts, a full body suit and a separate animatronic head. The head contained radio-controlled motors that moved the jaw, lips, eyes, and eyebrows. For closeup speaking and lip-sync, the heads were separated and operated by a team of puppeteers.

‘Dinosaurs’ trivia bump.

The film’s shoestring budget is part of the reason it was shot in black and white. A number of different types of lighting were used, and this would have required a lot of post production to resolve issues related to the varying color temperatures. With black and white, this isn’t a problem.

Clerks trivia bump.

Doritos Locos Tacos added 15,000 new jobs.

It came in 2012 and has stayed since, selling about 500 million tacos in 14 months. That’s just about 1.1 million tacos a day. I’m probably guilty of about 10% of that number.

Taco Bell Trivia Bump

Maurice Vermersch sold his wife’s fluffy Brussels Waffles at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. Since he didn’t think anyone knew where Brussels was, he dubbed them “Belgian Waffles.”

Waffle trivia bump.

Cheech and Chong were the first professional yoyo players.

-Random trivia I just totally completely made up

According to the British Medical Journal, the Hula Hoop was responsible for an increase in back, neck, and abdominal injuries.

Professor Oak was originally going to be a trainer who you could battle. His team is programmed into the game and can be accessed with the use of a Gameshark.

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In 2010 a limited edition Whopper with Brussels sprouts was offered in UK Burger King’s for a few days at Christmas time.

Burger King Trivia Bump

The show’s title comes from the chorus of the Steve Goodman song “City of New Orleans”.

Good Morning America trivia.

RIP PushaTee

Nintendo had the same president for more than 50 years. The late Hiroshi Yamauchi not only ran the company from the creation of the NES all the way up to the last years of the GameCube, he was in charge of the company since 1949!

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I’m being attacked by animatronics.