clyw chief


does anyone kno when there comin out with more?


I recommend following CLYW on Facebook and/or Twitter. Chris keeps his fans updated and answers questions daily.


definitely true about FB!!! … and as far as i know i haven’t heard anything about the release date from him about the chiefs … but … i know it will be the heavier version …

1st run … light
2nd run … heavier
3rd run … light
4th run…(whenever they come out) heavy

don’t remember the weight but i am sure you can just go to their site and it will be there… its only a gram difference… but for some … that makes a difference…

currently he is working on the next run of Canvas … but it will be sold from their store only.


I’m pretty sure that he said the next run of chiefs will be about mid January.

(Shaneola) #5

Nope one more very small run before christmas he said.


My brother is getting one from the second bach but I do not know the colour way.


It will be very hard for you to snag one so don’t get your hopes up.