Any one know when chief/avalanche will restock?

I’m leaning toward getting one of these throws, but does anyone know how much longer till they restock?

Whenever clyw decides to make more…

Im not sure on avalanche but on clyw’s website they said this,

. No offense but what’s the point of even commenting if your going to be of no help?!!?


His response was correct, though…
no one knows when except for the lodge themselves. like their facebook group for the most up to date info you can find, or shoot them an email if you want.

Should be next week for chiefs. A while for avalanches. The new chief colors are way cool. He finished assembling them and is going to ship or has shipped. I cant remember… they will be here though.

i think the new chiefs shipped out today, i could be wrong though

Those are some great colors…

YYE guys - do you have a drop date yet??? Will you be getting more than the February drop?