I’m on the lookout for a Chief. I’m a fan of CLYW and I keep hearing this is the best example of their throws.

I don’t have a specific color or generation I’m looking for and I don’t need it to be showroom quality mint. This is for me to play with. I would say I prefer solid colors if that’s a thing but I’m not stuck on that. I will say that the colorway does matter to me, but I’ll know if I like it when I see it.

Got PayPal ready to go today and also some trades but probably more along the lines of sweeten the pot.

Thanks team.


I recently picked up an AL7 Chief that I could part with. It’s in great shape, having only one minor ano burn you can hardly feel and maybe 8/10 on the nail. I bought it for collector purposes, as I tend to carry my Clareview when I’m in a Chief mood. I’d be hoping to land around $115 shipped for it.


Bless you man. I can’t imagine parting with my Chief, let alone a 7075 variant. You’re a boss. :+1:

damn, if @Grunt isn’t down, i’d be interested

Hi, i have og avalanche for your clyw collection check it maybe

My OG Avalanche just arrived at it’s new home today actually. Thanks though.

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Everyone else please stop bothering him, it is gone.


Bump, still want a regular Chief.

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Figure I’ll bump one more time and then sit back and keep an eye on the BST for a while.


Still don’t like this color.

What!? That’s northers lights colour-way, one of my favourites!

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Maybe because I’ve never seen the real northern lights. I just want something brighter.

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Any interest in a FG one?

One up on the auction site

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She’s all mine now.

Thanks @Yardist and @Exmime for looking out on the auction.



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Glad you were able to get it brother! We’re you able to get it below the buy it now price?

So Fresh :call_me_hand: