CLYW Bassalope Contest Entry

You all seen it but here it is again.

This trick is sooooooo incredibly hard to land hahah.

Not fair! :stuck_out_tongue: Nice man. Did you refilm it or just rename the video?

refilmed so I could have the high speed. They want clearly to see the string well there it is :slight_smile:

Also shows just how fricking hard that trick is…

The moon and stars need to align on the 34th night of jupiter orbiting the eastern part of mars during the summer solstice to land that trick hahahaha

Haha that made me laugh pretty hard.

Nice though. Looks amazing every time. Even if I know it’s only the 3491715th time you tried it. :stuck_out_tongue:

aww man i almost have that down i just need an anodized yoyo to be able to d othat

This slow mo rocks !

what do you use to film? i always have probs with clearness of my vids!

Just eat your Wheaties in the morning, no need to impress the gods, lol

Brett uses a Casio EX-FH20 (in this case, filmed at 210 frames per second).

he is a god so y does he have to impress himself?

Now, land it with your flea, that would be trully awsome! you pulled a double brent stall (name?) with a flea!

Lol no offense to Brett but I double that one will be landed.


But I was mostly messing around, still I would like the see a high speed shot of him trying!

I would love to see a mighty-flea finger grind honestly.

I want to see the suicide record broken with a mighty flea

i want to se the eli hops record with that yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome suicides! You use Gator Floss string, right?

I want to see a hubstacked flea.


Talk about a mod job that would be cool though…