CLYW Avalanche help

My avalanche has been sounding and working great but it just randomly started making this scratchy hissing noise. Here’s a link:

Can’t open the link on my phone but more than likely just the bearing or potential debris in or around the bearing. Cleaning it is probably best course of action.

That sound, is the sound of a bearing. The hiss is normal as far as I know. Try lubricating it if you want or clean it. My Avalanche makes that noise and so do most of my other yoyos (the hiss not the weird clinking noise). Sorry if this didn’t help.

Careful they only do that right before they explod. Nah just the bearing… Clean it or add a tiny bit of lube.

Yeah I know that sound is normal but I’m talking about the like scratchy noise

Best household thing to use?

Lighter fluid or mineral spirits (paint thinner)

I mean the sound isn’t going to hurt anyone or the yoyo. But if it annoying or reducing spin time I would do something. Trumpet valve lube would be fine if you have any.