Did Clyw get a new artist. Looking at certain arts i.e. The yeti art from the first one to the second one I notice major difference. Anyone know if and why they may have swirled artist? And what do you like better? I preferred the old one.

We’ve had quite a few different artists over the lifetime of the company. Jensen Kimmitt, Paul Escolar, John Bot, Jason Week, Yuumi Shiga, Bryn Perrott, and Mike Lundy have all done various bits of artwork for us.

Currently we’re working with a Canadian graphic designer named Mike Lundy for all of our packaging & engraving art to help us kind of solidify the brand in the direction we want. We’re super happy with his work and plan to keep working with him for the foreseeable future for packaging & engraving. Last I heard Paul Escolar was designing the 2016 Worlds team shirts, although Chris is handling that and I haven’t gotten an update recently.

Everything changes. :slight_smile:

i see, do any of the old designers continue helping out with the art work or is it mostly just this new person?

Jason Week always did my favorite artwork for CLYW.

Pretty much just this new person. He was on the team that built our new website, and Chris really enjoys working with him. Chris and I talked about it and really wanted to get the brand and artwork looking a little more solid, and Chris wanted a look that was “designed” rather than “illustrated”. So more in the way of iconic logos, which are what Mike Lundy has been doing for us with the Blizzard, Igloo, Yeti, Compass, and Manatee.

The old art was fun and fantastic, but it wasn’t consistent and it was hard to adapt for different uses. The new style feels better from a brand standpoint, and makes it easier for people to immediately recognize CLYW stuff.

I have a feeling that the logo of the manatee will be tattooed on me at some point or another in the near future. . 8)