CLYW Arctic Circle [Doubles Edition]

Introducing the “Double Splash Game” post. Once in a while, you might get your hands on two of the exact same yo-yo model and colorway to compare. It happens to me once in a while. In the Doubles Edition, you compare the entire yo-yo on the left to the entire yo-yo on the right. Vote in the poll above, or comment which yo-yo you think looks better? One of these Arctic Circles passed through my hands for a few days, before it moved on to a new home (long story). :wink:
ArcticCircleDoubles by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr


So, now I’ll share the full story with you, about how I ended up with double Arctic Circles…and apparently ended up keeping the one that doesn’t look the best (left). ::slight_smile: I happened to vote for the right side as well. :wink:

I already had the left one, and have owned that for some time now. I never bought an Arctic Circle 2 when it dropped elsewhere. I knew one would end up on the BST anyway. Someone offered me a blue blizzard Summit in a BST deal, and he also had an original blizzard Arctic Circle listed. I was not interested in the Arctic Circle because I have that one already. I was interested in the Summit though, and needed that one for my blizzard collection. I knew that he also owned a blizzard Arctic Circle 2. I expressed interest in the Arctic Circle 2, thinking he’d sell that one too. He declined, and so the deal was just for the Summit.

The seller thought about it, and could use the money, so he offered me the Arctic Circle 2 as well, if I’d buy the original Arctic Circle with it. I didn’t want the Arctic Circle because I already had one, and his had some very minor non-feelable damage on the rim. I only do mint throws as you know. But, I have confidence in my sales ability, and knew I could sell that Arctic Circle in no time. So, I bought all three of them. I looked the Arctic Circle over when I got it, and I liked the coloring better than the mint one I had, but due to the damage, I kept the one I always had, and sold the one with the damage (right).

I put that Arctic Circle up on Ebay, and it sold within 2 days for $96.99. The buyer was very happy with it too.

That deal was a win/win. I know how to flip some throws when I want to. ;D


Honestly, I really dig the two at the top. I didn’t want to swap halves and risk smoothness, so it just didn’t seem right to swap them. I can’t remember if that top right half had the damage.