CLYW Anodizing

Hey guys! I was wondering…How strong is the CLYW Anodizing? I fear my fingernails will kill the anodizing when I get a really fast but bad bind or when I feel like doing thumb grinds and matador tricks that go wrong.

(I know that scuffs and such make the yoyo have character) I just really want to know.

Addition: I was playing with my Peak and the string broke and it just went all over the place on wood floor and such and there were no scratches!!! Good Job on the durability Chris and CLYW!!!


I think I might have answered my question but I don’t know.

You already answered your own question…

ive never had any problems with clyw anodizing, the only time ive had the ano rub off is on my 09 888 and that is a known problem with some yyf yoyos

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Hahaha. Thought so. I usually wear gloves but they don’t give me the grip I like on the yoyo and they start to slide off when I do whips.

I guess I just want some reassurance. Maybe if I word the question as:

Does the anodizing come off of CLYW yoyos when you hit it will your fingernails or thumb grinds?

All type II anodizing (what you see on yoyos 99% of the time) is the same, it’s just a matter of how they dye it after.

It’s very durable… normal wear won’t do any damage. Hitting on the ground will… especially concrete… nothing you can really do about that. Don’t worry about it for grinds and such, the anodizing is a lot stronger than your fingernails.

However, keep in mind that the peak for the most part was a painted yo-yo… this does -not- have the same durability and can scratch, chip, etc. So if you have an anodized clyw you’re fine… a painted one you want to be careful with.


Ok. I’l keep that in mind. Yeah. I have an anodized Peak and I don’t let it hit the ground. (Carpet usually) or when the string breaks.

Question answered…Locking topic.