Closed until "Trade Back" problem is resolved

PM me! Do not post in this thread!!! Tired of making new threads =/
I have another thread on YYN> +9 feedback (below)

I will not trade or sell until this problem is resolved. I’m waiting for someone to “Trade Back” for the most ludicrous and idiotic reasons. For pending transactions, I will still continue BSTing.

OG Purple Mutant DNA (will trade lots)
Wolf Lake Peak (will trade lots)
Mint OG Orange DNA

----------Other wants-----------
G5+ (Orange)
Marmot (Navy/Gold acid wash, OFFER)
ANY Skywalker
Blue First run Ava
Extremely Beat 888- NO TRADES NO TRADES NO TRADES, WTB ONLY (Pending)
Dye’d/colored Milk
Skyline (kinda)
Campfire (kinda)
Yellow Dice CW, Side Effects, Clear Z stacks (will pay $15 or more for stacks)
Offer, but not looking for many YYJ or YYF (except those mentioned)
Don’t want anything beat/wobbly. (Unless specified)

Teal OG Project gone to LCW115653 He wanted a “Trade Back.” DERP?
Dual Tone Blue Regulus gone to jasonwongzero
Works Battosai to Dizzo
Messiah Kept (sorry Mo…)
Orange Sony Fashion Headphones traded to Jensen Hartford (on hold) Cancelled
Fiesta sold to Ian McMahon
Northstar traded to Liz
Special Edition Graphite Dr. Dre Beats Solo traded to Liz
DNA sold to BPhilly
Ancient stuff-
Aurora Avalanche sold to local friend
Protostar sold to local friend
“i” sold to local friend (while ago)
Omnicron traded (a long time ago)

Project and Regulus GONE

My BUMP for today, cause my internet is down. :-\

5 Star up

888 UP
Project back UP

Nm skyline for p2 or 5 star

WHY? WHY did you post in this thread when I specifically said PM me. Argh ::slight_smile:
I PM’ed you. Sorry, but I’m tired of getting PM’s/notifications/bad offers because people can’t read.

BUMP, Internet still down.

LF a Marmot AND DNA here


I will still complete the pending BST transactions. Will not accept new offers until this problem is resolved. Thanks.