I’m 5’11.

I take a string about the length of kitty string.

I’m about 6’3". I like strings ~45-47" without a loop.

Pm me with addresses and how tight you like your string. And what colors you want, I have purple, green, and orange poly.

Whoops, twisted half of the string the wrong way.

So when are they going to be sent out?

This year, hopefully.


Lol, no.

poly nylon rayon… WOW creative!

no really, but metallic, rayon, poly, nylon, and cotton, now thats creative.

I discovered my rayon is not 100% ready for testing, should I send out the tester packs with out it now, or perfect it and send it next week?

I don’t really care…

But I would love to try Rayon…


HEY, super sorry for being so late. Had a emergency happen, along with lots of school and strings breaking like crazy! I’m going to do my best to get them out by next week. But that’s hard when you have a little kid following you around and destroying everything… Send me your addresses against, they got lost in the 50 pages of pms.

If you’re able to ship these out sometime this year, feel free to give mine to someone else.

Lol, you’ll get them. Next year.


I think he ment UNABLE not able.
I’m getting them out soon. But, no rayon. Sorry.


Pm me ur address!