"Clicking" My freestyles?

Hello all!

I was wondering how I could go about judging a prerecorded version of my freestyle so I could get a general idea of how well it could score at events. Is there a standard for how judges judge?

String hits? String misses? Missed/failed binds?

That would be really hard to get, but at most contest websites, they have the judging criteria for the competitors to view.

There’s more to this than string hits. It’s at least something.

Style or showmanship (pizzazz) usually also figure into the overall score. That’s a personal judgment thing that would be impossible to estimate.

Here is a detailed description of how the WYYC is judged, here is a link.


I think you could use this as a pretty good guideline for what you need

Use this link though since the judging guidelines have changed in the last 2 years.