Cleaning with STARTING FLUID!?!?


So I wanted to test out cleaning a bearing with something besides 99% rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, and lighter fluid. So, I used Starting Fluid, Prestone Starting Fluid to be exact, and it worked perfect. It cleaned it right up, no black gunk in my yo now mo lol. And from what i can tell no residue left over, but as a safety precaution i also sprayed it out with some dust off, use that for my xbox 360 so i had it laying around. So i just wanted to inform you guys, from my testing process, that starting fluid is a decent alternative. I will update this or edit this if i find that it messes up this bearing, it has never been cleaned before so we will see a difference. ;D


Good idea.

But to me, its just another alternative that won’t work as well as lighter fluid.

I bet if you can get all this stuff you’re experimenting with, you can get Lighter Fluid or Mineral Spirits, the stuff that you know works.


We should try new things for modding and stuff. If we don’t try new things, we arn’t going to learn! Maybe some of the stuff we haven’t used works better than Mineral Spirits or Lighter Fluid. We need people who are going to try new things and not do the ordinary, that is why I like what Darth did here.

Darth, excellent discovery. Way to take a risk and get a reward.


First off I don’t think this is a good idea for anyone. Yes it cleans the bearing VERY well. BUT the problem is that there is a chance that when you spray it some could flash back and get in your eyes. Trust me when I say this hurts. Been there, done that, Got the tee shirt. They though that I was gonna loose some of the vision in that eye. IF YOU MUST USE THIS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WEAR SAFETY GLASSES. NOT SUNGLASSES BUT SAFETY GOGGLES. You will look stupid but you will be able to see for a lot longer than if something happened. I also think that mineral spirits and lighter fluid are the best so far. Other things will come up as people will always try new things.

Just be safe!!!

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I was gonna say that, but I am glad he made it really clear. I have gotten burned several times from using starter and lighter fluid (please do not ask how, I am stupid). Like icthus said, be safe!!!


haha I’m a welder. I play with 5000 degrees all the time. I know all about burns. lol

I want to also say that this stuff can severly irritate your skin. It will feel like about 50 bee’s are stinging you all at once. Well at least the Berrymans Chemtool B-12.


I bought Mineral Spirits and its apparently really dangerous, like your not supposed to get close to the stuff. And also when i cleaned my bearing it made it worse even when i added 3 in 1 oil.


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Haha. When I read this I imagined you with like a mini-sun in your hands and you tossing it around. Sorry for getting off topic. :-X

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It is great to see people trying new things, but it’s bad when people who aren’t prepared for total failure do it. <i remember Batryn used hydrogen peroxyde a while back. He got rusted. What you’ve found seems to work pretty fine, but as ichtus said, it is not the safest option.


i agree with the whole “evolution” thing, hence why i tried it. Its not too extremely unsafe, just not the safest option. i got it on my skin and nothing happened, when i sprayed it in my container it did have some spray back when the container started to get filled a lil more, but anything aerosol related will do that, i made sure my face wasnt right next to it and i could imagine it would hurt like a son of a gun if it got in your eye. Also, i tried it cuz it was like 2 in the morning and i was bored and curious, also had no mineral or lighter fluid.


Remember you said you used starting fluid. Thats not what I was thinking about when I posted. I was thinking about carburator cleaner. Its more costic and it WILL burn your skin. Well at least feel like you are on fire! lol


Yeah… but honestly, it worked for the first few times. Maybe it destroyed some coating? BTW, will alcohol work?


alcohol has water in it. If you leave it in too long your bearing wll be trash.
I suggest charcoal lighter fluid or zippo lighter fluid. Mineral spirits is the best and most proven though.

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I’ve only ever cleaned my bearings once, but not with Starting fluid. I used nail polish remover, but I did have some Charcoal Starter handy at the time. I didn’t know if it was safe to use that, so I decided to stay safe and use the nail polish remover. Worked really well. But anyway, now that this is here, at least I know that Starting fluid is an okay alternative to lighter fluid. Thanks!


No problem, I did it for SCIENCE!! and for you guys at home! double thumbs up


Just to say along the smae lines of the starting fluid is the “brake clean” and “Carb Cleaner”. Basically the same stuff but with more cleaning properties in it. USE GLOVES and EYE PROTECTION!!