Cleaning Bearings


Hi there,
Does anybody know how to clean a bearing without droping it in something that will damage my DM’s plastic. I’d Like to know how.


Here is a helpful video with cool music!

(JonasK) #3

What most people use, is paint thinner or other type of mineral spirits, but as you mentioned, that may damage the plastic on the yoyo. I can confirm (after some handy use of google), that there are some solvents that are made purily for the purpose of cleaning bearings. Some of these fluids are possible to clean off with pure water, and will not damage your plastic or the bearing itself. Although i have not tried any of these yet, I think they will work. The bad thing is that these fluids are mostly found in kits. Therefore, you will probably end up with getting a fluid container and lots of other weird thing. But if you try this out… Let us all know how it works.


I must interfere with Pheenix. Cleaning in Mineral Spirits is okay, just make sure you dry it all out before using it. I have cleaned the bearing on my DM tons of times, and no damage has been done to it. Just be careful, and make sure you dry it all out first. Also, make sure you put a little bit of lube in there, so that way, you wont have a dead bearing over time.


Thanks for all the help, I’m gonna definatly try all of these. ;D