cleaning bearing

i know theres alot of threads already about this, but mine’s a little different.
My bearings has black marks on it.
I’ve tried soaking it it lighter fluid and that doesn’t work.
If I clean it with bleach will that hurt it?
What is best to clean it with to get the black marks off?

First off I would not use bleech.
Secondly I have black marks on my DM’s Bearing it usually occurs after alot of play. I found it does not affect the play of the yoyo at all. Also, like you I have found no way to clean the marks of.
They only thing is is my DMs bearing rusted up and broke just after the marks appeared so be careful.


I have a DM as well and I keep thin lube on the bearing so it doesn’t rust.

If these marks are on the outside, it’ll be fine. Some bearings do that with play.