*cleaning a bearing*

ok so i bought some mineral spirits from home depot and when I poured it was white can i use this here is what it says
Helps thin almost all colors of oil-based paints, stains and varnishes
Helps clean and prepare surfaces for painting
Helps clean brushes, paint splatters and equipment
For indoor and outdoor use
Known for its ability to be less harsh on skin
Odorless can i use this
also if you look at the store its the one in the white can

Other people are using with largely good results. I think those with poor results aren’t properly cleaning it.

I prefer the clear stuff.

so this is fine? to use

i use white paint thinner. it works fine! just have some canned or compressed air on hand, spinning in on a pencil doesnt cut it (at least for me)

Spinning on a pencil takes a while, at least 3-4 minutes. The compressed air not only helps speed drying, but also blows stuff out of the bearing you don’t want in there anyways. Often, the air will move the bearing as well.