clean bearings wis gasoline?


Though I DO NOT RECOMMEND OR ENCOURAGE THIS, can it work or will it damage the bearing?


Won’t damage the bearing but it may damage you. Stick with the more common stuff like lighter fluid and mineral spirits.


Hey I do this and it works. I don’t think gas is any worse than mineral spirits or acetone for like how strong it is.


Gas fumes can be explosive in enclosed spaces. Gas itself doe not light all that readily.


from my experience (yes, I did that before)
using gasoline to clean clean a bearing kinda work, but it leaves some kind of residue, and can slow the bearing over a short period of time.

but still, due to nature of gasoline (highly flammable and explosive), better not try it.

I mainly use Zippo fuel to clean my bearing though.

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I used gasoline since like… 4 years or something, never had problems like what people always said.


I’d go for it, as long as it wasn’t a titanium throw and I planned on walking the dog immediately after.

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To make things clear, after I soaked the bearing, I used to dry it… with fire.
No, seriously, I have even tried to make a fireball yoyo (literally) with gasoline, no luck, it just won’t burn.
Nowadays I just tied a piece of string and spin the bearing around till it dries.

Kids, don’t try this at home. Cleaning your bearing with gasoline is fine, trying to make a fireball yoyo like me… is not.