Steps for cleaning a bearing? (help)


So I recently made a topic named acetone bearing cleaning.
Could the forums experts give me the correct steps to cleaning a bearing because all I have right now is, dip in acetone for 45sec-1min then lube


Take it out of the yoyo.
Take the shields off and throw them and the c clips away.
drop it in chemical of choice, (I don’t do this step.)
Take it out of said chemical (also don’t do this step my self.)
spin the bearing on a pencil or something too get the chemical out. (don’t do this either.)
add a drop of thin lube.
If you add a full drop you may have too play out the lube a bit, as long as you don’t put the shields back on it will take around 1 hour of play. maybe less if you throw real hard.
Then you are done.


Full guide.


I think the forum misunderstood what I wanted to say. I meant to say with acetone


Cleaning a bearing in acetone is the exact same as cleaning a bearing in any other solvent.

See above suggestions.


What you can do is, get a petroleum based solution such as gasoline and dunk it for 30 seconds, air dry the bearing then make sure to put one to two little drops of lube


NO!!! Don’t use gasoline. Use solvents such as mineral spirits. And one drop is way too much. Put a small drop on a needle and touch it to one of the balls.


Lots of lube= more friction, gasoline+more friction= fire.

(WildCat23) #9

= dead yoyo


I doubt that you will generate enough friction heat to cause a fire after cleaning a bearing w/gasoline. The issue with using gasoline as a cleaning agent is the innate flammability of gasoline makes it dangerous to use for most anything but its intended purpose. It’s a safety issue. Yes, a lot of people will say it’s ok, they do it all the time. At the same time there are a lot of people seriously hurt every year using gasoline as a solvent.


Let’s try it!!


You do that.

I’m going to stand over. . .here.

Seriously, after the fumes are gone and the gasoline has evaporated, you should be fine. It’s the fumes that are flammable and explosive anyways, while the gasoline itself will simply burn off quickly.

When I was taking a boat safety class, they were saying something like 1 pint of gasoline fumes was equivalent to about 1 stick of dynamite. The purpose of this was to scare the crap out of us when refueling and starting the boat up and run the engine compartment fans and check the spark arresters on a regular basis.

Still, I don’t recommend using gasoline as a solvent to clean a bearing. Or diesel for that matter. And no, I don’t want to get into some sort of discussion over which octane should provide the best cleaning results as I honestly don’t care!

I can just see it now:
Player catches fire playing yoyo.

You will be a legend in your own time!


We could use a wooden bearing for better results!


I got a glove. Let’s do it. Someone grab a bucket of water.


This comes from experience, I’ve tried it once, completely screwed up my bearing, didn’t spin for half as long as it used to.