clasic 2007 888 (modded) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok i am a nube a this buy/sell/trade thing so lets see i have a 2007 888 yyf yoyo (includes kk bearing, floating axle counterweight, string and hubstacks!) i would like to sell for 59-79 $
but im willing to trade for these offers

yyf superstar
yyf classic g5

yyf augie fash boss
yyf genesis


its in good shape, has only 1 ding
satanized the rims and the inside
if asked ill satanize it even more so itl look shinier
or if asked ill paint it regular blue, red, or black (dont have any other colors)
you can trust me on the paint and other mods i have been doing shop since i was 7 this is like a little homework for me

here are some pics :slight_smile:


that looks real nice


i know i did it all by myself ;D


I’ ll give you a protostar


check the list


you like lego starwars


That looked BEAST! Whats a good price that you want for it?


Notice how he answered this in the first post?

Please don’t spam in the title. It’s just annoying.


just to make it very clear i am only selling this till next weekend if i dont find any good offers till then i am not going to bst it on this forum anymore


and no i do not like legos of any kind :stuck_out_tongue:


That title is seriously annoying.

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by next weekend i will not sell it on this forum and go to another one
i forgot to mention that


thx for your time i will now close this pole(getting 888x with top tip long stack and zstack) ;D

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