FS/FT 888x


hey guys. today i am selling my 888x. it is and aqua. i have modded it a little by just rubbing my finger nail on the outer rim next to the stack. it is mint other than this. pics are below. i am looking for around 80 ish for this or a trade.

just offer. worse i can say is no




ill give you a blue protostar and a half green and black half blue and yellow pgm the protostar has two or three dings but is still like new and the pgm only has one ding.


i will give u 55 dollars


yoyofreak you did this to me to. i am not a mod, but i suggest reading the B/S/T rules at the top of the board (sticky) and reading his post (around 80).


yah but it is also altered and u can almost buy a new one for that price


i will trade a purple genesis with a some scratches mint condition… :smiley:

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