ckron has a new fan!

I received the yoyo he made for me today and I am thoroughly impressed!
I have a fair amount of experience dealing with yoyo makers and modifiers so I consider myself qualified to spread the word that this personable and professional craftsman is someone you want to deal with if you get the chance!
He was nothing but professional, polite and considerate throughout the transaction and the yoyo he delivered is on par with any I have played. And I am talking about major players in the world of yoyos. Like Silk, Crucial and even Landon at 3YO3!
He has an ongoing thread pertaining to the yoyos he makes so I wont bother with all the details but I can tell you this, it is better than he led me to believe! During our correspondence he stressed the fact that he has never been able to accomplish turning a vibe free yoyo. Well I mean to tell you that this one I got today is Smooth! I know some people do smoke tests and hold their fingernail very close to try and discern any vibe whatsoever but I just throw it and play it and I have not noticed any vibe at all except on a bad throw and he can’t be blamed for that. I mean… I could get an Oxy or a General Yo to vibe on a bad throw.
If you get the chance and he has the time, don’t pass up the opportunity to experience what skill and devotion can accomplish! Thanks ck! You have a new fan!

His work is indeed insane! I’m fairly certain from the pics that he uses a similar or the same lathe as I, a Central Machinery Metal Precision Lathe, only he uses it so much more efficiently and better than I do!