Civility vs minute


I’ve been looking at both the civility and the minute. Which one do you think is better?


Minute, no question, I’m selling mine if your interested.


Ok. And how much? And what is the condition? And what color?


I am interested in buying that if its under 40 bucks

(Rock Shouse) #5

I my experiences with those two throws, I’d have to take the Civility by far over the minute…sorry to disagree, but my opinion only…oh, and I do have one but it’s not for sale!



(Owen) #7

It’s kinda hard to compare the two because the Minute is undersized and the Civilty is not, but I like the Civility more.


Civility is a heavy full size throw that’s built for stability. Minute is undersized and although it’s not super light it’s definitely lighter than the civility. I myself dislike how heavy it is and would pick something else out for that price. For the same price you could have a Mo-Vitation or a OneDrop T1 for $10 cheaper. If you really wanted something heavy you could get a 1st Gen Octave and save some money that you can put toward the minute later. Even the Chik seems like a better decision considering it’s cheaper and comes with side effects while having similar specs without the killer weight.


I’m pretty new to yoyoing (I don’t even own a metal yoyo nor am ready for unresponsive play), so take this information with a grain of salt. That being said, 90% of what I have learned is from YoTricks. I don’t have any first hand experience with either throws but I’ll point out any differences I notice first hand. The Civility was built for the intention of making learning tricks easier. Some ways it does this is with it’s full size, wide catch zone, and weight pushed out towards the rims (I should note that the Minute probably has more weight focused towards the rims… but idk).
The Minute is an undersized yoyo built “fast, agile, and easy to maneuver - all the perks you would expect in an undersized throw.”
Really it seems to me, that putting the price tag aside you have to decide what features you want. I imagine the Civility would be better for learning while the Minute is a rim heavy undersized yoyo. In my extremely UN-professional opinion I would go with the Civility because the higher price suggests a bit more quality, I’m a loyal customer to YoTricks (hence the previously prescribed grain of salt), and a full-sized yoyo just seems like it would take you farther (assuming that’s your goal… but idk). Just some food for thought.


I’ve said this before: the “undersized” label on the Minute is misleading. Most people consider breaching the 52mm mark to be “mid”-sized. But even if that mark is 53mm for you, the Minute is only half a millimetre off from that. :wink: It definitely feels mid-sized in the hand, and it plays that way as well.

For certain, the Minute has more in common with the Puffin than with the Supra, for example.


That is kind of a bummer to hear that Werrd changed the minute so drastically. The original Minute was a true Pocket Throw for sure, and is probably one of my favorite Pocket Throws as well. The General Yo Mini Star is the next best thing…IMO


The current Minute is definitely not a “pocket” throw. It’s not so much the diameter but the width. It is full-width as well as being a middle diameter.

But your loss is my gain, I guess. :wink: I never coveted it as a pocket throw and I LOOOOOoooove it was a straight-up daily throw.


Suggesting that an increase in cost means an increase in quality is very false I would just like to note. Keep in mind that CLYW sources their manufacturing trough onedrop so even though CLYW and the Benchmarks are made by the exact same people there’s a $100 difference. Plenty of throws can be cheap and still be top notch.