Circular Eli Hops = Gravity hate me

Hi guys,

For months I’ve been working on circular eli hops. I have a pretty good idea on how the body turning motion goes down. Now the main problem is this: Gravity.

When I start turning, once I reach the point where the hand is turned and the yo-yo is above me, gravity keeps the yo-yo down and prevents me from “hopping”.

Is there are certain hand motion when you’re in this position or is it some kind of consistency situation?

Try to keep your hands together, and your throwhand has to be in a certain angle every time you turn your body.

this is the hand motion

Ive got the same problem :confused:
Everytime i get to about half way around (almost upside down) it just gets impossible -.-
And which type of circular hops you learnin, Im doing both hirzontal and normal ones :wink: