Cincinnati Yoers

Hi all. I saw a few old threads about yoyo clubs in Ohio and there were a few people who were in Cincinnati. So I’m starting a new thread to try and gather all the cincinnatians. It would be great if we could all meet up on UC campus or something.

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This sounds like fun.

Could be a fun time. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the city of Hamilton but it is in the greater Cinci area and it’s where I live.

Awesome. Yes I’m familiar with Hamilton County. Should we make a group somewhere?

Nah like Hamilton the city, in Butler County lol

Ah. And? Do you think you’re not allowed to join because you’re too far away? Or are you saying let’s try and work out a more centralized location?

Haha No not at all, I was pretty much just trying to say that I live in the Cincinnati area. Sorry for the confusion. Meeting up somewhere like UC shouldn’t be an issue.

Awesome!!! We should make a group chat. What platform works best for yall? Discord?

Northern Kentucky fella here, I’ll keep any eye out and stop in when I can for sure

Let’s try and work out a time and place

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