christopher chia's eli hops!

How do you do the eli hops in christopher chia in the asian pacific performance of 2011 in the beginning where he completely rotates the yoyo 90 degrees?? I tried it once and got it but never got it again :-\

I’ve almost got it down. I’ll tell you how when I complete it.

Note: serious string burn is expected.
I got close to completing it but had to drop it because my finger was smoking

thanks also do you have tips on the circular eli hops?
Did you get string burn without gloves on?

u dont necessarily get a string burn without gloves. if ur trying to madly do hops then yeah it might burn but its more about accuracy. my index finger groove is badly calloused from hops(not a good thing) cuz i do them alot so im fine.

also for the christopher chia thats pretty easy. basically hop the yoyo at an angle. i wish i can draw it. i usualy tilt mine to the left side and im right handed. so you do regular eli hops but very strong and start to hop the yoyo like a 3d hop towards the left and when u catch it(the crucial part) you land it not straight but at the side. push into the string at an angle instead of down like u normaly do. its more about the landing that will get it to turn. i can tilt it to the right pretty well and i can get it from 90 to flat horizontal in best 3 good hops. good luck!

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what does the 3d part mean??

its moving in 3 dimentions. it literally goes away from you and then back. look at bretts vid