3D Eli Hops

Hey, does anyone have any tutorials for the 3D Eli Hops? I’ve searched for a while now, and for some reason, haven’t found anything on them. Thanks! ;D

You have to have pretty good control on the yoyo in general, but you just pop it more out than up, but just enough “up” to keep it in the air, and pull back to land it back on the string.

Are they just boomerang but in the eli hop position? If so I find them difficult and that the only way to land them is to shoot them out then bring them in FAST. I don’t like to do them because they give me bad rope burn on my finger.

If you know the sidewinder way of adjusting string tension, this is basically the same thing except from eli hops.

Here’s the same idea, except it doesn’t go around your hand. Just the shooting out and back part.

These are just kinda hard.  Popping them out is OK, but catching them is tough.  It just takes time to get it down.

The only advice I have is to roll your wrists forward.  This is the same motion as giving a motorcycle the gas (but with both hands), but in the opposite direction.

The tension in the string will get tighter and tighter.  Loosen periodically.

Hopefully you can see it in here…  Start with a little forward motion, and then BOING

Have some fun


Ahh you got it on film. Nice.

And welcome to the forum.