christopher chia help


how does he do the trick when he gets into a one-and-half and whip it?

(0:08 - 0:13)


He’s doing a “string rejection” it’s hard to say the least and he’s in a different mount (I’ll call it negative 1.5 for ease) where the loop actually was brought around his throw hand making it still look like a 1.5 I’ve been working on it for quite some time still can’t get it down smoothly.


That trick is great. I first saw it done by Takahiro Iizuka in a freestyle (anyone confirm who came up with it?).

Here’s what I know, keeping in mind I can’t get it consistently: Neutral string tension, 1.5, put TH thumb over the string going over your TH index to your FH, roll yoyo over TH twice towards FH, push into string with TH thumb while rocking yoyo away from you in order to get the loop of string to reject while using TH middle finger to pinch the string against TH index finger (that way, if you miss the whip the yoyo would stay in place), and whip the loop of string around and catch the yoyo. Roll, repeat.

The hardest part for me is keeping the loop of the whip open enough to catch the yoyo cleanly.


Think you could make a tutorial of this? I just can’t mentally picture it.


welcome :slight_smile: