Help with Zach G Tension Slack trick

Im trying to get this trick down but I cant seem to get the whip part to get around my NTH.
Does anyone have any tips or advice

It’s kind of hard to really say it’s a whip at all. It is, but not in the same way most whips are. This trick took me a ton of practicing even with the guy who made the tutorial explaining it to me several times back in the day when he made this.

This loop of slack that ends up going around the yoyo is formed because the string wants to release. When you get to the final step before the whip, make sure you pull it tight, and can feel that the string is tense. My recommendation is don’t just drop the yoyo after you get there and expect it to whip, just because that’s not the way the string works. When you drop the yoyo off the string, do it in a way where you give your hands a slight tug outwards. It should allow the tension you put on the string to release and whip around your nonthrowhand index finger.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: