Christmas Yoyo Pics ;)


I thought it’d be cool to see everyone’s Christmas-related yoyo pics. Here’s mine! :wink:

(*dv888*) #2

i tried but i dont know how to get a pic on


At the bottom of the “reply” page there are red words saying “additional options” click on that. It’ll say “attach” with a box next to it and on the right of that box is a button that says “browse” click o that, it’ll bring up a menu of your files. Find your pic and click on it, click open and it’ll automatically upload your pic. Good luck!

(*dv888*) #4

thanks you rock

(*dv888*) #5

it wont let me cause it said it either took to long to upload or is to big?plz help

(*dv888*) #6

finally after a little help from yye



its a good idea… but im not sure if this board moves fast enough for this thread to get noticed in time for the holidays… … but this is one of my faves so far


LOVE THIS! I have them! The song they play is hysterical, right? Man, I think I know it by heart.
Awesome pic, man, and Merry Christmas. ;D

By the Way, THIS IS MY 100TH POST!
So happy!