Christmas Sale


I am clearing out my case of yo-yos I don’t play anymore. I am cutting back to a select few. These are for sale only and I will not accept any trades.

Please let me be clear on this, NO TRADES. Any trade offers will be ignored.

I am using the money to turn a decent Christmas into a great Christmas for my family.

All prices include shipping and are mint unless otherwise noted.

I will entertain offers with in reason but I am pretty firm on my prices. All prices include Priority shipping within the US only with delivery confirmation. International will cost extra.

StringTheory Singularity - One pinprick does not go through ano, with box $50

Sold Items
General YoUSA Edition Hatrick - mint in box: SOLD
General Yo v1 5-Star - couple very tiny pin pricks, can’t get them on camera,with box SOLD
General Yo German Edition v2 5-Star - One Ding, can’t be felt on grinds, no box. SOLD
String Theory Quark - Mint with box: SOLD
BBYY Swirly - few slight flat spots, can’'t get them on camera. One of One test laser engraving, no box: SOLD
SPYY Pro - Mint with box: SOLD
SPYY Flying V - normal raw marks on the rims, otherwise mint with box: SOLD
Werrd Pacquiao - Mint with box: GONE
Chico YoYo Co. DelToro - One pinpick with box: SOLD


Bump Price Drops


whats the lowest you will go on the Werrd Pacquiao?



Remember, these prices are only good for this weekend.


i will trade my duncan mondial in perfect condition case and all for the spyy flying. message me if you want to talk about it.


He said he doesn’t want any trades and will ignore any offers. You should read it more carefully if you don’t believe me.


oh sorry.


Last day for these prices. They go back up Monday when I get home from work. You have until then.

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